Learn Spanish in Córdoba, Argentina

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COINED Spanish school in Córdoba, Argentina, offers one of the best methods to immerse yourself in local culture and take part in cultural activities while learning Spanish and enjoying our beautiful city!

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Learn a magic word here in Córdoba, asado! Try one of the country´s most coveted, not to mention delicious traditions, our version of a barbecue. This special meal is renowned not only for its delicious cuts of beef and barbequed vegetables but also for its cheerful spirit – a time to gather with old friends and make new ones as well!

Take a trip to a river beach!

Córdoba Province brags some of the most beautiful mountains and rivers in all of Argentina, just an hour´s bus ride from the city center. Here you can explore nature and soak up the sun in true Córdobés fashion. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and listen to the river trickling by!.

Che Guevara´s House

Take a day to see where it all began for Argentine-born Latin-American revolutionary, Ernesto “Che” Guevara Lynch. His childhood home is a 40 minute’s bus ride from the school… a perfect opportunity to get to know the small city of Alta Gracia as well as the story of this important historic figure!


A picture speaks a thousand words… this Argentine pass-time is cherished by young and old. Córdoba boasts various large parks, the most well known Parque Sarmiento, is where impromptu teams get together during the afternoon siesta and on weekends to play!

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