Why learn spanish with COINED?

  • We are a leading Organization.
  • We have accredited schools throughout Latin America.
  • We offer you the freedom to take courses in different locations.
  • We offer courses suitable for different ages.
  • We have professional and proactive teachers.
  • We have our curriculum based on the Common European Framework of Reference.

Yoongi Song

South Korea, 22

"My time in COINED was very good. The environment is lively, warm and fun. I always felt welcome! I liked the gatherings and trips to see other places. The staff are very passionate and professional. The teachers are great, especially my teacher Santiago!"

COINED teaching methods

You acquired your native language by interacting with the people you grew up with and the environment you were immersed in. COINED believes that the best way for you to learn Spanish is also through the interaction with native speakers while being immersed in their culture. We focus on giving you the tools for you to gain confidence in the language and learn how to make yourself understood in everyday situations. We generally plan activities outside the classroom to give you the opportunity to put into practice everything you have learnt in class. In COINED, we focus on language use, that is, we teach students how to act and use the language depending on the situation they are in, the participants involved, and the degree of formality, among others.  

We guarantee high quality education

  COINED has accredited schools throughout Latin America in which high quality services are guaranteed. Once you have completed your program, you will receive a certificate specifying the level achieved and the number of hours studied. You can use that certificate to improve your CV and gain University credits, however, make sure to check first with your University the requirements you must meet in order to validate them.  

Our experience in the Educational field

  We have been a part of international education since 1971. Since then, we have been working hard to provide students high quality programs. Throughout the years we have learnt what is best for our students and we have adapted our programs according to their needs. Consequently, we are all the time updating ourselves so as to keep up with the students’ interests and needs.